Martin Boardman
Martin has two separate eye conditions. 
The first is called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) this is a geneic eye disorder which means that he is losing his sight. If you were to look at his retinas you would see what look like ‘iron fiings’ scatered around. He has what he calls ‘blind spots’ which means he can put something down, turn away and when he looks back, it’s as if the thing isn’t there. 
The second is called Fuchs Endothelial Dystrophy (FED) – this condition has developed more recently. And affects the Corneas in both eyes. It means that the innermost layer of the Cornea is dying. This layer is like a pump that keeps excess fluid away from the Cornea and should keep the vision clear. So, because Martin’s isn’t working properly, his Cornea is ‘waterlogged’ and this is making his vision cloudy
his field of vision is closing so he can often trip or fall over things on the floor and if you approach him from the side, he can’t see you. “It’s like looking through a tunnel and that tunnel opening is getting smaller”. This condition also means that Martin’s eyes are extremely sensitive to light. Currently there is no cure for this

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