A Photographic Investigation. 

Mike Butt’s, ‘Sparrows’ is an in depth look into his Grandma’s life inside her home in Weston-super-Mare. Gwen lived in London with her sister and brothers and was evacuated from Islington, London, when she was four during World War 2. She was sent to Weston-super-Mare which was very different to living in London. Gwen met Alan in 1962, whilst playing badminton at a local church. They knew as soon as they met each other that they loved each other and got married soon after in 1963. Gwen and Alan have shared many happy years together. Gwen loves her crosswords and Alan is a keen birdwatcher, he likes to sit in the dining room and look out at the birds in the garden. As time has progressed Gwen’s started to show signs of memory loss and struggles with remembering events and names, although this has had on impact on those around her, Gwen continues to do what she always has, to the best of her ability of being the housewife. 

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